Will contain some language errors
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I will story about a prince who is not happy about his own life.
He doesn't want to stay in his own palace for living.
Because he prefers a simple small house and want always contact with the less educated people the hungry and simple people.
He is interested with the people who are patient to the pour and difficult live.
He can't pass this people without giving them attention.

From his young ages he was straw ling in the forest, hunting and animal watching.
You can say he is big lover of nature.
However in the palace he always was feeling sad and didn't like to contact the people in there.
Always he was feeling the missing of the simple conditions.

Always he was dreaming to live in a quite forest on a island with very less people.
So he hoped to be very far from this palace so he didn't have to see all day those things that he doesn't want to see.
One nice morning he decided to pick his bag and go on his way.

On way he discovered on island where absolutely nobody was living far away from his palace.
He said to himself this nice place I want to stay living, so he did.
Suddenly one time from nothing he saw one old man coming up to the island.
It was an old man with silver colored hair, beard and clothes.
He noticed this man was very proudly looking around.

The man said:
- Hello visitor I like to see you very much because it was a long time ago that I see someone.
He really was happy to see some person.
- In this place I am king and servant at the same time.
- Here time goes slow one day looks like a year when you are alone.
- For me you can stay as long as you want, most certainly you are very welcome.
- I can also arrange a family for you so you don't need to stay alone.
- And if you not like stay here anymore you can go when you want.
- Your wife will be very special also you can take your wife with you.
- If you will go from this island then god will bless you also and which you happiness a lucky way and future.
- But for now you can stay with me and I will show you some wonderful things on this island.
- There is a small beautiful leg where swans swimming.
- The water looks there as crystal it is glancing and shining very beautiful.
- Early in the morning I call the swans with my magic walking stick.
- They, the swans, will come for swimming.
- If you will promise that you will hide behind the trees, you will see how the swans will put out there white dresses.
- But not be stupid and show yourself otherwise you will break all your happiness.
- You must carefully bring these dresses to me when they already will be in the water.
- When they come out of the water they will become womans.
- You must watch them good because one of them will be your future wife.
- You will recognize your beautiful future wife who you much times did see in your dreams.
- I will give them back their clothes except the one who will be your future wife.
- She will stay with you and is a gift from god to you.

As the man storied the prince did.
He hid himself behind the bushes and see the swans coming.
He sneaked out the bushes when the swans where already swimming and bring all the white dresses to the old man.

The old man said well done you deserve happiness.
As the man promised the swans became woman when they go out the water.
One by one the old man did give them back the dresses except for one.
He did bring here to the prince who immediately recognized the woman of his dreams.
The old man did give the dress of this swan to the prince and story:
- Be careful not give her this dress never.
- Keep this dress very far from here.
- Because if she will get her hands on this dress she will fly far away from you.
- So watch very careful these cloths and hide them as far as possible.
- After one year you will have a beautiful son and your wife always will love you and your son.
- But not forget that she likes heaven more than anything else in the life.
- Remember never be emotional with two things.
- Sea storms and beautiful women.
- Be happy that you are a king and wow that you never will betray your family, wife and children.
- You will promise that you hate layers and devils.

After some time the prince had enough from the island and decided to go home.
He said this to the old man where up he replied:
- If you don't like to stay anymore here then you can go.
- I whish for you happiness and a good way home.
- But you must keep your promise.
Ok said the prince off course I will do this.

After a long journey he came back to his country and was very happy.
There was a big celibration in the kingdom on the king.s return.
After the celebration the prince was crowned king.
He married short after and country was also doing a big celebration because of his marriage.
Because the people liked the new king and queen they where praying to god for his happiness.
The king did keep his promise and never did leave his wife alone and where very happy.
After one year as promised by the old man a son with golden hair was born.

After a long time the king did feel the yearning again to go on expedition.
He decided to go on a short expedition in the forest.
The queen did stay with his mother and law in the palace.

When the king had gone immediately the queen did go to the mother and law.
She was sure that mother and law will have here clothes.
So she went to the mother and law and asked.
But as instructed by the king mother and law refused.
Queen swan did keep on asking and speaking.
- I only want to see my old clothes; they probably even not fit me anymore.
- I like the family and palace so I don't see why I can't see my old clothes.
- I will not go from this family because I very much like my family, husband child and palace.
- I wow about my love.
- I can't without my country and palace.
- I can't imagine something more beautiful than this live.
- Can't I just not see my old cloth.
- But I just want to see my old clothes.
She kept on trying and finally mother in law admitted.
She went to the golden cupboard where the king locked the white dress and give it to the swan queen for looking.

The swan queen quickly take the clothes and in on second clothed even she not looked into the mirror to watch here clothes.
Here hands changed to wings, stretched them and she screamed to the heavens:
- Heavens thanks for what I need palace now when I have wings and I am free.
- This is my happiness and liberty.
Once more she shouted and did fly quickly to the heavens forever.

Will contain some language errors