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Everybody will pay about his own behavior.

This time I want to story about a king who was powerful, rich and wise.
He had everything he desired in his live.
Only one thing he didn't have, a child.
He very missed having a sun.
But even in this he was speaking with himself:
- I have no sun but I will not very worry about it.
- It is no problem because no one can be more wise than me even if it is my own child.
- Also I have the semiramida garden who looks like paradise.
- Hundred servant womans everybody from them fall in love with me and they are beautiful like the sunshine.
- Even I have much dogs with golden hair and they drinking only dear milk.

His palace was protected with a very big wall made from elephant bones
with very much guards near this wall.
In his beautiful garden was working a gardener who he very much trusted.
He was a very big person with very very strong physics.
Such strong that he even could fight with dragons and devils.
He was master of his own garden business.
Without permission nobody could pass his garden even small ants could not.

The grapes in the garden where like rubies and pearls.
No words could describe the beauty of the samiramida garden.
In the garden lived a nightengale made from golden feathers.
In the samiramida garden only the nightengale was allowed singing.

Fruit was made from gold and silver.
In the golden apple tree the nightengale was singing his beautiful song always when he want without permission.
In this golden apple tree he had a nest where a young baby nightengale was sitting.
He was sitting with his golden snouth open waiting for his mother to return to the nest.
One time in the garden a snake sneaked to the tree and bite the small nightengale.
And mother nightengale was crying much and wishing bad things to the nightengale.
She shouted to the snake - You will get payment because of your bad behavior

The big gardener also start crying from the regret when he see this picture.
Even when this was not his fault what happened.
Even he asked from the king apologise even when it was not his fault
In this time the king say to him:
- Stand up and no excuse it is not your fault what happened you are not to blame for it.
- In this world nobody exist in this world who not will pay to the lord about his own behavior.
- Even when the sky and ground have are faulty to each other the will pay ten thimes to the lord for it.
- Also for small reason everybody will answer for the lord.

One time ,evidently, the snake who bit the young nightengale passed the the gardener.
The gardener catched him and ruptured him in two parts.
In this time it was not allowed to kill someone in the garden.
So it was danger for the gardener to do this.

He with tremour came to king to ask sorry for the king.
- Evidently I did this he said to the king.
- Ok you will answer for your behavior to the lord the king said.

One day the gardener was dreaming under a tree he listen some woman laughing in the neighborhood.
He opened his eyes and not be leaved what he saw.
He saw the servant womans of the king dancing.
After the dancing they all go swimming in the pool.
He was thinking I am dreaming and forgot to do his job and continued watching them.
Out of nothing the guards of the king king and beated the gardener until bleading.
Very much wounded they bring him in front of the king.
The king very angry turned his face to him and said:
- I am tired of your stupid behavior and finished your life.
- For me not need worker like this and ordered the hanging of him.
- The time has come that you must pay about your behavior and since that you did in the garden.
Crying the gardener asked for excuses from the king.
He was shouting like a tiger.
At last he said:
- My king I see that you can not forgive me and I deserve this everything.
- But not forget that the day will come that you also for god must answer for your behavior.
- This day surely will come.
The king started laughing with high voice and bent down his head and start speaking.
It was always like that, for since everybody will 100 time pay to the lord.
Everybody will answer about his own behavior even kings even servants.
And the lord will ask answer from everybody equal.
He will treat stupid wise men equal.

They hang up the gardener.
But the day will come that king also will answer about his behavior.
This the king very well know.

Everybody will answer for the lord about his own behavior.
This nobody must forget.