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The Shepard and the snake.

I will now story you about an orphan boy and hope you children will listen about him
He was a very poor orphan boy all alone without home without anything.
His life was very difficult he even has\d almost without clothes and eating.
The only thing he had was his stick and a few sheep.

Once the king of his country had a dream, a dreadful dream very scary.
On the sky he saw a dog hanging with bloody hands with red colored clouds.
It was winter and red snow was falling from the sky and awful cold it was.

Once the king of his country had a dream, a dreadful dream very scary.
On the sky he saw a dog hanging with bloody hands with red colored clouds.
It was winter and red snow was falling from the sky and awful cold it was.

When the king woke up he summoned his palace guards to fetch people who could explain his dream.
They first catch the wise people people in the palace.
But none of them could explain his dream.
Everyone who could not explain her majesty dream was decapitated.
After it they also go out to capture the stupids or everyone else they could think that they could explain the majesty's dream.
And everyone until know was decapitated because now one could explain the dream.

Also one day the Shepard boy was captured by the palace guards.
Of course he started to be worried and cry because he was thinking his last hours had come.
O god I am hungry and weak and I know I don't know nothing he said to him self.
It looks like my last day has come.

When he was thinking this suddenly a speaking snake came passing to the boy.
The snake said to him: "Listen very intentionally, I will help you so don't cry, be quit and I will story you what this dream means."
I only ask you a very small part of the reward that the king will give you.
Boy stop cry and answer if you will agree on this.
Of course the boy answered I agree do you think I need this everything I only need my stick and sheep.

The snake explained:
The dog is represents the kings enemy where until know he could not win from.
The king must take a big knife and bless this knife.
With this knife the king will be victorious against his enemies.

So when the boy came to the king he explained and this dream became true.
As expected the boy got a awful big reward.
Hundreds of camels loaded with the most beautiful diamonds and gold.
When leaving the palace as a rich man with his treasury he passed the speaking snake again.
- Please I gave for you the explanation of the dream and now you are very rich.
- I not really need my share only one small diamond you can give for me for my kindness
   that is all what I am asking.
- I have a small wound and this diamond will help me healing my wound.
- I will read some special psalms from the bible on this diamond and my wound will be healed.

Go from my way the rich Shepard boy replays otherwise I will split you in two parts with my knife.
The only thing the snake could do is quickly pass and hide and let the boy go through.

But unfortunately of course one day the king got another strange dream.
The king had an awful feeling after this dream and worried very much.
This time in the dream a fox was hanging in the sky and all people and things arround the fox was poisoned.

The king remembered the boy so the first thing he did was summoning his palace guards again.
When the boy was brought to the palace he was crying and all whet from his tears.
He was calling where are you my kind snake with all your wisdom and good advice.
I can give everything I have to you for just again a small good advice all I need in reality is my stick and sheep.

Again the snake came to the boy and spoke: I forgive you because in the past I also was an orphan and know how difficult life is.
Go to the king and say that the fox represents the graphs and aristocrats.
Some of them are planning a plot and will try to poison his majesty and majesty should be careful.

Again the dream came out the graphs and aristocrats where captured and decapitated the king was save.
Again the boy got a very big reward for his advice.
When he go back to his home with hundreds of camels carrying his reward the snake passed his way.
I hope this time you will be mentally.
The boy bent over and smiled to the snake.
Suddenly the boy took his knife and tried to split the snake in parts.
But luckily the snake was fast enough and just escaped from the boy.

As to be expected after some time the king had another strange dream.
This time in his dream a golden ship was hanging in the sky shining like the sun and it was illuminating everybody in the country.

Again the king summoned his palace guards to fetch the boy because he was the only one he trusted for that in the country.
The boy now was very sure that this time the snake would not help him and very loudly was crying and asking god for help.

But something unbelievable the snake came again to the boy and say to the boy.
Go to the king and explain that the ship means freedom for a long period of time.
People will be living in peace and happiness.
I am happy for this because I like when people live in harmony peace and happiness.
I don't like the time that followed the dream of the dog much blood flow and people die.
The dream of the fox also wasn't any good people where betraying each other very much.
However now I am happy because the dream of the golden ships means freedom and happiness for everyone.

Your bad behavior also came because of time reasons.
Also time will heal my wound
I nothing want from you just not try to wound or kill me.
If you will need help I again will help you.
But my wounds I will heal myself.
Only promise that you choose your way and walk on this way.
God bless you and the snake disappeared.

Will contain some language errors