Curriculum vitae   
   Shalva Mchedlishvili  
Born on 21 April 1923.   

(This translation can have several mistakes and still must be checked.)

The first class of my education I got in the village Kardenahi.
After one year my parents and I moved to Tbilisi the capital city of Georgia.
There I prolonged my education on the 1st Tbilisi gymnasium and graduated with excellent results.

After my school finished Second World War started, but I didn't go I was sick and rehabilitated.
In 1941 against my will (my parents wanted) I entered the medical university of Tbilisi.
I was writing poems and wanted to go to the philosophy faculty.
As much as possible I tried to be present on the lections of this faculty.

My poems very clearly showed an anti-soviet character.
Because I had seen how people where arrested for no reason and sent to the North camps for repression.
I saw that much people where shot and genocide was done.

On March 1945 I was arrested because of my poetry.
I was sent to a North camp but did not stop writing my poetry.
Also they gave me a hard mineworkers job.
From this job I became very sick and at the end I had clinical death.
However again god saved my live and I came back to live.
Some time after I was allowed to work as prison doctor.
(When I was arrested I already passed 4th course and with that I was theoretical doctor).

Later I was sent to a camp in Kazakhstan and was not allowed to go further.
I was under tight condition and finished my medical doctor education in Kraganda Kazakhstan.

In 1956 there was amnesty for political prisoners caused by Stalin's death and I got free.
In reality I was under intensive supervision.
I did go back to my motherland Georgia but was not allowed working much time.
After time I got permission from the ministry of health to start working in the village Marneuli near Tbilisi.
In 1959 I was sent as epidemiologist to Signagi a small East Georgian city.
Little time after in summer time I worked as curortologist in Shovi a sanatorium on Georgian mountain and in wintertime I worked in Borjomi sanatorium "Likani".
I was very interested in curortology and worked in medicine until my pension age.

I was from health ministry permitted to work in sanatorium of Phasia "Joekvara" as main doctor of the sanatorium.
From 1960 I did go to East Georgia for working in a mud treatment sanatorium and worked for 20 year.

I was happy when the soviet time ended and our country got independent from this regime.
In soviet time I was not allowed to print and publish my books.
After soviet time I published several books and am still busy with that in present time.
For me poetry is a big gift from god and I am god forever thankful for that.

(This translation can have several mistakes and still must be checked.)