Will contain some language errors

I was born in April 21th - 1923 in east part of Georgia,village Anaga.
Father was a director of school and my mother was a doctor.
From 1930 year we moved to capital city Tbilisi.
I finished middle school 1940.

I began write from early childhood.
My poetry had expressed my anticommunist mood,
when I was a school boy I had already anti soviet poetry reading to my friends.

My father and uncle were repressed in 1924 because of anti government rebel, they hardly stayed alive from Moscow came order to stop killings.

Our family was under KGB supervision, they were looking for a good time to arrest me.
I was a active member of anti communist movement that time of organisations in Tbilisi
(I have materials and publications about this if necessary to prove).

From 1941 up to march 27, 1945 I was a student of Medicine institute before my arrest as political prisoner.
(58. 10/11 - that means anti soviet organisator and propagandist) all people who were arrested such reason during world war II had death penalty.

More than one year I was in KGB jail, during investigation I had no right for walk, letters, medicine treatment as well as read and write.
(I was serious ill that time with lung disease), but I had luck the war was over and communists wanted to show their democracy to Europe and United States.

I had many friends who stayed outside of jail.
No one was jailed because of me and notwithstanding of my awful sickness I stayed "dumb".
First I was in city jail after at prisoners colony up to 1949 year.
From 1949 year (across jails of Baku,Rostov and Vologda) with "Stolipin Train" they sent me in exile to Vorkuta,
(arctic circle, 6th coal-mine-international prisoner's colony.) I met there different people from Japan,china other Asian countries, from Europe; God helped me to stay alive without treatment, I was cured.
Parents arrived to see me in north but Russian officers didn't let them to see me.
When parents went back to home father died soon from misery.
My parents had no other children.
After all this communists sent me back to Vorkuta jail without any explanation of reason.
I have been for a short time there and "Stolipin Train" again...
This time to north Kazakhstan, across Kirov, Sverdlovsk and Petro - Pavlovsk jails.
There I had exile forever. (earlier was part of Siberia)
Around me were only different kind of criminals.
After death of Stalin and all this hell I had chance to be a student of medicine institute of Karaganda in Kazakhistan.

Finished 1956 y. and received graduate diploma of doctor.
According to this I have translated from Kazakhstan language to Georgian poetry of famous writer Abai Cunanbaev.
From 1957 year I have right to return back to "mother land" - Georgia.
Mother had big problems because of me, she loose her job and house in Tbilisi.
As soon as I arrived in Tbilisi I have received letter from KGB there was written that I had no right to live in Tbilisi and other big cities.
Mother was serious ill and no one was there to take care her.
The Sovjet kgb asked me several times to sign a working contract with them and of course I always refused.
The consequences was that they start following my personal live and also my family
We have some documental proof from the kgb archives what we maybe later will put on this site.

I demanded justice from ministry of health of Moscow to get place to work as doctor.
I got job at the border to Armenia in small village Shaumiani.
I have never been in any political Party.
My party and life is believe of Christ and my poetry.

I worked intensive but had no right of publishing.
Only after 90-ies (defeat of communists) admitted me as victim of communist repression.
I have published more than 10 books, scientific works in medicine, translations of Abai Cunanbaev, monography of Vaja Egriseli, critical and other kind of articles.
For today I'm a real member of Georgian National Academy, real member of Academy "Fazisi"
(exists more than 2000 year, oldest academy of Georgia), member of Georgian writer's union and I have nice family wife and three children.
wife Etery Arabuli,two daughters and one son.
Three grand children as well.