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Ave Maria (19??)   Ave Maria (19??) Ave Maria (19??)
second coming   
© Shalva Mchedlishvili

Ave Maria

Play some wild melody for me Maestro,
tough laugh and cry are my rock destiny,
here in my wedding my chances is loading
killers and vampires are today my visitors.
all my around is false and not real
all everything in here from ice and black stones
It scar me this ice from ice candles,
all my visitors wear so black clothes.
I want to think that I dream this reality
want hel, want loudly call all emergencys

o ave Maria.
Maestro can you play some wild melody
maybe I can run from this awful reality
how which follows me killing drilling my soul,
help only you can me

o Ave Maria.

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I can't say bravo for you Satan.
this humiliation is gift for another,
they can sing for you,they can smile for you
they can hate their own fathers and mothers
Can you think a little bit what you did tyrant
Your lands look like a great burial.
Black crests, young coffins, blood and scar faces,
everyone victim from new and new.
Now your motherland is a dreadful prison,
discriminate your saint generation
parents and children from your hands was drown
churches where broken and all saint creations.
Can't i cover my protest and tears,
wish for you hell all centuries and years.
Afraid from lord known everyone in all the world,
Believe god will judge you like I think and told.

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second world, second comming.

Drums deating and church bells calling.
This confirm world second comming

Shadows shouting to the lord,
shouting loudly second comming,
Blood mountains and weather is cloudly
Ground full with coffins
Earth in night and darkness

Cadavers are standing up with fire hammers and want the sky falling down
Animals animals became crazzy so much.
From sky zippers are falling down on the angels heads.
Sceletons with eavel stone faces leading this mess, this strange race
Darkness is comming and the rains are freezing

Strong birds shaking the new born children
Everything is late now
Earthquacks coming and oceans shaking
winds rising high and fields black from victims
and darkness stroling

nobody helping suffery womens
churches fly with swan wings to sky direction.
on the crest you see strange insect crowling

earth have loud echo
you hear from ground though hands again coming up
this hands full with blood
they are though
they want want to kill everyone on earth

They who betreyed their own land and ground
now listen the angry angel words speaking.

About these betreyders the faithfullness lord is angry.
In the shaol parade devils have wings like knives
No hope no savers arround

castles on fire
mothers and fathers filling their horns with blood from their own children
Drinking this blood and becoming wilder

Anti christ can not be winner I feeling.
I listen listen the drums play loud and louder.
The candles have sad flames they remembering,
And christus flag is rissing higher,
Shutdown now dead march,
Second world, second comming.

Will contain some language errors